Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chicago and Toronto!

Hey, fans! Sorry for being so silent here on the blog for so long. Indie filmmaking requires a lot of different hats to be worn by too few people and so, unfortunately, the blogger hat was hanging for too long on the hat rack. But we're back! And here's the press release that went out last week announcing some good news...


(Toronto ON - April 2, 2013) - Feature documentary SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT, which chronicles the absurd fame of Canadian actor Rob Stewart in Serbia, continues its festival run as an official selection at the Chicago International Movies & MusicFestival (CIMMfest) April 18-21, 2013. The film will screen on Friday, April 19 at 6pm at the Society for Arts.

The doc made its world premiere in Toronto at North by Northeast Music & Film Festival last June, was an official selection at Cinema City International Film Fest in Serbia and rounded out the year by taking home Best Documentary at the Zagreb International Film Festival -- an honour which touched the filmmakers immensely.  “It was very gratifying for us because our documentary, which features the story of the non-violent Serbian resistance movement, won this award in Croatia, a country that Serbian dictator Milosevic was bombing two decades ago. Most of our audience at the Zagreb screening weren’t even aware that there was a Serbian peace movement since the information was suppressed by the Milosevic regime at the time,” explains producer/co-director, Liza Vespi.

Avi Federgreen’s Indiecan Entertainment, which holds all domestic rights, will launch SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT on its Canadian theatrical release in Toronto at the Carlton Cinema, May 10-16.


About SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT: When an out-of-work Canadian actor accidentally discovers through Facebook that he’s been wildly famous in Serbia for almost two decades, he sets out to discover the reasons why. SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT is a quirky and compelling behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment biz and a heart-warming tale of redemption that reveals little-known information about the extraordinary peaceful overthrow of a brutal dictator.

About INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT: INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT focuses on Canadian independent, low-budget (less than $1.5 million) films. As a distributor, Avi Federgreen follows the same principle that earned him his reputation as a filmmaker; bringing Canadians films they want to watch. Aside from the traditional distribution route, INDIECAN leans heavily on digital delivery. INDIECAN helps films find more opportunities with audiences through TV, Netflix, iTunes, websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. INDIECAN’s vision is to not only support Canadian production but to encourage the viewing of Canadian films by Canadian audiences.

About CIMMfest: CIMMfest (Chicago International Movies & Music Festival) is a four-day showcase of outstanding music films, energetic concerts, visually stunning VJ/DJ sets, lively Q&A’s, daring live score performances...all to celebrate the relationship of movies and music.

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