Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why Nick Slaughter is more relevant today than ever

A blog review worth sharing

And how you can help spread the inspiring message

of non-violent protest

We're always thrilled when we learn that another review has been written about our film. So when The Autonomous Zone tweeted that they'd reviewed SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT, naturally, we were quick to click the link.

But this review got us really excited because the blogger has truly identified the usefulness of the film's deeper message -- and why it's relevant right now. In reviewing the film, The Autonomous Zone urges those rising up against injustice today, in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, to take a page from the playbook of the Serbian student movement of the '90s. After all, that extraordinary movement helped topple a brutal dictator -- through the power of non-violent protest.

Just think of what we all can accomplish when we use humour and intelligence -- dubbed "laughtivism" by revolutionary Srdja Popovic -- to promote social justice. 

You can read the whole review here at The Autonomous Zone:

And if you enjoyed watching SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT and find The Autonomous Zone review interesting and relevant, please share it! Your help in spreading the word is invaluable.
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